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90-Day Algicide



90-Day Algicide is safe for all surfaces and guaranteed not to stain. Its long-lasting action kills blue-green, black and mustard algae, with a money-saving reduction of chlorine and shock usage.

    • Kills and prevents all types of algae
    • Lasts 90 days/only 4 treatments per year
    • Guaranteed non-staining formula
    • Money-saving reduction in chlorine & shock usage
    • Enhances performance of salt chlorine generators
    • Best value of all algaecide formulations
    • 500 mL treats 40,000 L

Dosage and Directions

Dosage and Directions Tab

Dosage Rates:

EVERY THREE MONTHS: 500 mL of Lo-Chlor® 90-Day Algicide per 40,000 L pool water will prevent algae growth in all pool types. SEVERE ALGAE TREATMENT: 1 Liter of 90-Day Algicide per 40,000 L pool water

General Directions:

  1. Maintain pool water in the pH range 7.2 to 7.8. Adjust pH to 7.2 for severe algae.
  2. Ensure that filtration system is working properly and that filtration cycle is adequate.
  3. Calculate the volume of Lo-Chlor® 90-Day Algicide required for your pool.
  4. Add the product directly to the pool, distributing over as wide an area as possible.
  5. While 90-Day Algicide controls algae, it is important that adequate levels of sanitizer (chlorine) be maintained to control bacterial growth.


Specifications Tab
SKU LAPA003-12 LPA012-4 LPA05-1 LPA55-1
Unit Size 12 per case 4 per case 1 Jug 1 Drum
Volume 946mL 3.78 L 18.9 L 208 L
Cases per Pallet 48 cases 36 cases - 4 cases
Shipping Weight 14.5 kg 17.2 kg 20.8 kg 242.6 kg

Product Resources

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