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Chlor-Nix was created to quickly reduce chlorine levels into a desired range. Use to avoid the problems that high chlorine levels create and allow metal stain removers to do their job.


  • Lowers chlorine and bromine levels
  • Fast acting
  • Perfect for reducing chlorine shock
  • Ideal for use with Multi-Stain Remover
  • Works with salt systems

Chlor-Nix drops chlorine levels in just minutes. Fast action means that stain treatments like Multi-Stain Remover can be used without lengthy delays, and bathers can re-enter pools quickly after a shock treatment.

Dosage and Directions

Dosage and Directions Tab

Dosage Rates:

90 mL Chlor-Nix per 57 m3

Directions for use:

Disperse 90 mL Chlor-Nix per 57 m3 throughout pool water to reduce chlorine by 1 ppm or bromine 2 ppm. EXAMPLE: 237 mL reduces chlorine by 4 ppm in 57 m of water. Typically works in 30 minutes. NOTE: Overdosing will make it difficult to later increase chlorine levels. Once all Chlor-Nix in the pool is consumed by chlorine or bromine, additional chlorine or bromine will result in normal ppm increases.


Specifications Tab
SKU CHN001-9 CHN008-4 CHN050-1
Unit Size 9 per case 4 per case 1 Jug
Volume 454 g 3.63 kg 22.68 kg
Cases per Pallet 100 cases 36 cases -
Shipping Weight 5.4 kg 15.4 kg 22.6 kg

Product Resources

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