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Education and Training For Swimming Pool and Spa Professionals

CPO® (Certified Pool/Spa Operator) – Pool & Hot Tub Alliance

Known as the world’s most recognized pool and spa training program, the PHTA CPO® Certification is required for operators of pools that are open to the public. The CPO® course is also open to professionals interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of pool balance and equipment function. PHTA® Website

Two ways to get CPO Certified with HornerXpress®

  1. Two Day Class at HornerXpress®
  2. CPO® Certification Blended Training: CPO Primer + CPO Fusion = CPO Certification

Pool Operator Fusion™

This one-day class is offered by our certified PHTA® Instructors at HornerXpress and is an economical and convenient way to achieve the CPO® Certification. This one-day class can either be the second day of any two-day classroom certification course, or it can be a stand-alone one-day Pool Operator Fusion™ class.

Sign up for a Fusion class by selecting which date you would like to complete the in-classroom portion and examination. Students must present a Pool Operator Primer™ Record of Completion and successfully complete the Pool Operator Fusion™ in-classroom to obtain a CPO® Certification within six (6) months of enrollment.

Pool Operator Primer™

This online training program is the first step to earning CPO® Certification via Pool Operator Fusion™ This online curriculum follows the 18 chapters in the PHTA® Pool/Spa Operator™ Handbook, which is provided via mail or pick up at HornerXpress®. Students have access to the Pool Operator Primer online course for six months, which gives them the opportunity to review the material many times.

Successful completion of the Pool Operator Primer earns a Record of Completion, but is not a CPO Certification required by the Florida Department of Health. If you choose to pursue the CPO® Certification, contact Laura Castanza or go to a CPO Fusion link to enroll in a Pool Operator Fusion™ class of your choice within six months of completing the Pool Operator Primer.

Contact Information

Instructor: Laura Castanza
Phone: 800.794.6788

Cell: (+1) 954.529.0375

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Technical Training at HornerXpress®

Available to all swimming pool and spa professionals.

Check back soon for more classes

AutoPilot® Flight School for the Field Service Technician

This course is designed for pool and spa service professionals engaged in the business of installing, troubleshooting, and repairing swimming pool chlorinators.

AquaCal® Events

Experience hands on training. This seminar provides a complete overview of product, operation, sizing and installation steps. Troubleshoot using practical and proven methods to understand how each component of a heat pump works.

MPP - Become a Master Pool Professional

The Master Pool Professional Certification is a preliminary and/or continuing Online Educational Program for the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry designed to offer basic training in the areas of Service, Repair, Maintenance, Building/Renovation, and Retail.

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DesignerTalk is presented by StoneHardscapes Senior Architectural Design Consultant, Linda Abbott, with over 20 years of industry experience.

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