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Team Horner Acquires Lion Pool Brand

Will Manufacture Lion Pool Products in AquaCal Facility

Fort Lauderdale, FloridaTeam Horner is proud to announce its acquisition of the Lion Pool Products Line. Production has been moved to AquaCal AutoPilot’s manufacturing facility in St. Petersburg, Florida and product is ready to ship.

AquaCal, with its dynamic engineering facility, will produce the well-known Safety Volt Transformers, ensuring consistency in the quality and dependability that the transformers have been known for since 1967. The other products that will be continued include leaf skimmers, leaf rakes, telescoping poles, Silver Maxx Poles and throwlines.

AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc. has been manufacturing Heat Pumps and Salt Chlorine Generators in Florida, USA, since 1981 and is excited to add these products to its offering.

Team Horner Owner and President, Bill Kent, believes “the acquisition of Lion Pool Products is consistent with the strategy of keeping our company green and growing, in a way that is compatible with the rest of our businesses.”

Team Horner, employing about 300 teammates, welcomes Lion Pools Products to the family. Team Horner includes HornerXpress Worldwide, a Global Export business (to over 90 countries), 2 manufacturing companies, AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc. and Lo-Chlor Specialty Chemicals and Algaecides, and HornerXpress wholesale distribution, the team’s largest segment, which has 13 branches, all covering major population centers in Florida.

For more information, please contact AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc. at 727.823.5642 or in Florida, the nearest HornerXpress location (

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