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Multi-Stain Remover

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Multi-Stain Remover will safely remove iron, copper, rust and manganese from all types of pool finishes. Our triple-strength concentrated formula is amazingly effective.


  • Safe for all pool surface types
  • A unique triple strength concentrated formula
  • Competitive products contain only a single component of our blend
  • Works quickly; usually within 24 hours
  • Renews and brightens older, dull concrete finishes
  • Can be used as a spot treatment in concrete pools
  • Treats a broader range of stains than competitive products
  • Removes all types of metal and mineral stains
  • Use of a metal sequestering agent recommended to prevent stains from returning
  • One 0.9 kg  jar-top container treats 27 m3 of water

Safe. Powerful. Amazingly Effective. Iron stains appear as a brown or rust discoloration. Copper stains look like blue, grey or black spots. Black spots can also be stains from manganese. Organic stains, commonly from leaves or tree fruit, often retain the color and shape of the object. If a stain is not caused by algae, chances are it is a metal stain. Use Lo-Chlor Multi-Stain Remover as an over-all treatment or as a spot treatment to remove stains and treat with Metal Gone to prevent further staining.

Dosage and Directions

Dosage and Directions Tab

Dosage Rates:

0.9 kg per 57 m3 of pool water. Lo-Chlor Multi-Stain Remover contains a special blend of organic acids. This product has been specifically designed to remove colored metal and organic stains (copper, iron, rust and manganese) from swimming pool surfaces. Safe for all pool surfaces. Compatible with Salt Chlorine Generators.

Directions for Use:

It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. To be used strictly in accordance with hazard warnings and directions.

  1. Be aware that high levels of chlorine may reduce the effectiveness of Lo-Chlor Multi-Stain Remover and Lo-Chlor Metal Gone. Ideally, reduce chlorine level before use.
  2. Calculate required dosage for your particular pool.
  3. Multi-Stain Remover, when used in a cement pool for spot treatments, can be poured directly on to a stained area. If stains are throughout the pool, Multi-Stain Remover can either be dissolved in a bucket of water and pour around the edge of the pool or broadcast directly over as wide an area of the pool surface as possible. If necessary, use a nylon pool brush to spread Multi-Stain Remover, evenly. (See below for vinyl liner and painted surface instructions.
  4. Set filter to bypass or recirculate. If neither of these settings is available, remove the filter grids or cartridges prior to treatment. Allow pump to run (up to 24 hours, if necessary) to allow complete circulation of Multi-Stain Remover throughout the pool.
  5. As soon as the Multi-Stain Remover has removed the stain (usually within a few hours), add Metal Gone to your pool. Recommended dosage rate is 946 mL of Metal Gone per 57 m3 (236 mL per 14 m3) of pool water. Premix Metal Gone in a bucket of water and add to the deep end of pool with pump and filter running.
  6. Multi-Stain Remover and Metal Gone will lower your pH and total alkalinity. Be careful when re-balancing your water following treatment. Bringing the pH and total alkalinity up too quickly can cause a cloudy pool as well as possibly re-depositing the stain back on the pool surface. Consult your pool professional for advice on re-balancing your pool water.
  7. We recommend you wait 24 hours after stain treatment before resuming swimming activities. Note: Applying Multi-Stain Remover directly to vinyl liner and painted surfaces may cause damage. For spot treatment, place stain remover in sock or panty hose, attach to telescopic pole and suspend over the stained area. For stains throughout the pool, Multi-Stain Remover should be dissolved in a bucket of water and poured around the perimeter of the pool. Avoid applying Multi-Stain Remover directly on a vinyl liner.


Specifications Tab
SKU MSR202-12
Unit Size 12 each
Volume 0.9 kg
Cases per Pallet 48 cases
Shipping Weight 13 kg

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