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Trident PLUS Robotic Pool Cleaner


Trident PLUS robotic pool cleaner delivers automated, high performance pool cleaning efficiently & effectively. Step up to a new experience with this wall climbing robotic pool cleaner, recommended for pools up to 12 meters in length. The cost-effective way to ensure the cleaning of the entire pool, including the floor, walls and waterline.

Key features:

    • Perfect for cleaning gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, and tile pool surfaces
    • Single drive motor
    • Patented swivel prevents cable twisting and tangling during operation
    • Active brushing action that scrubs away algae and bacteria
    • Efficient dirt and debris collection on every surface of the pool
    • Top access filtration system that is easy to remove and clean
    • Quick water release that also prevents dirt escaping back into the pool
    • Software controlled and guided so it can achieve maximum pool coverage
    • On-board scanning and smart drive system designed for systematic maneuvering
    • Product weight 10.5Kg
    • Includes cleaner storage caddy
    • Full 3-year warranty

Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg
Cycle time



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