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Fulflo Tri Cartridge Filter

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Fulflo Tri Cartridge Filters are designed to effectively filter out suspended solids from your pool. Fulflo Tri-cartridge filter houses three individual pleated filter cartridges, maximising its dirt holding capacity and minimising filter maintenance, leading to significant water savings.Fulflo Tri Cartridge Filters are ideal for applications where backwashing may not be practical or areas where water may be scarce.

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SKU 2165300 2165400 216500
Filter Area 28m2 37m 2 46m2
Design Flow Rate 426 lpm 510 lpm 510 lpm
Max Pool Size 152,640 l 183,600 l 183,600 l
Max Pressure 350 kPa (50psi) 350 kPa (50psi) 350 kPa (50psi)

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