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Prozone PZ7 Ozone System

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Prozone’s patented Corona Hybrid Ozone systems provide higher concentration ozone generation without the corrosive by-products of traditional corona discharge machines. The result is a new technology that produces a reliable, high output and takes advantage of the inherent simplicity, ruggedness and pure ozone production of the very ultraviolet system.


  • Universal model, stock one unit for all residential in-ground pools
  • Universal solid state power supply
  • Easily retrofittable to existing installations
  • Labeled with vibrant color pad printing
  • Prozone Patented Corona Hybrid Arc Tube harnesses the high ozone concentrations of Corona Discharge generators while maintaining the simplicity and reliability of VUV technology
  • Optional Prozone Patented Dynamic Venturi Injector Bypass System allows maximum ozone/water mixing for superior water quality. The bypass also means a quick retrofit installation or replacement for all existing ozone generators.
  • Rugged, functional housing: heavy extruded aluminum case for durability; translucent gasketing glows when system is on
  • Low cost, low maintenance operation
  • 2 year warranty

Additional Information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 17.78 x 10.16cm
Voltage 230V /50Hz 120/240 VAC / 50/60Hz
Amperage 8 6
Pool size 143 m³ (152,000 liters) 57 m³ (57,000 liters)

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