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CoPilot® Digital Nano 110/220v with CoPilot® and PPC1 Manifold



Get the healthiest pool water possible with the dynamic duo of ozone and salt chlorine generation.

CoPilot® Ozonator
The Pool Pilot® chlorine generator works with the ozonator to give you the best of both worlds. You get the convenience of salt chlorination with the power of ozone that destroys up to 99.99% of microorganisms in your pool.

Ozone is nature’’s most powerful oxidizer
Ozone destroys pathogens, microorganisms and organic contaminants quicker than any other alternative pool sanitation method. It kills bacteria, viruses, molds, cysts, yeasts and mildew, including cryptosporidium and giardia. Yet, it is environmentally friendly. Ozone takes care of the bulk of the sanitizing load but a residual is still required in the pool.

Combine with Pool Pilot® for maximum benefits
Ozone reduces the need for chlorine by 60-90%. This allows the Pool Pilot® to simply maintain the chlorine residual in the pool, extending the cell life. Our patented manifold allows for easy installation and temperature compensation.

Additional information

Cell Type

PPC1 Cell

Unit Includes

Digital Nano 110/220v Power Supply, the CoPilot® unit, the CoPilot® manifold with PPC1 and the manual


110/220V, 50/60Hz Power Supply

Pool Size

208 m³

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